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by Md. Shofiqul Islam24/08/2015

What is Memory?

We use memorycard but most of us doesn’t know what is memory? How does the memory work? For this in this article I will try to discuss with you about the memory and memorycard. So let’s we know about the memoryat firstMemory is the ability to remember information, experiences. (According to Cambridge English learners dictionary) in psychological science, memoryis that the method in which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Encoding permits info from the outside world to be resend or perceived within the style of chemical and physical stimuli.

In the first stage the data or information should be modified so that  it may be place into the encoding process or method.

Storage is that the secondmemory stage or method. This entails that information is maintained over periods of time. Finally the third method is that the retrieval of information that has been stored. Such info must be located and returned to the consciousness. Some retrieval makes an attempt could also be easy as a result of the kind of information, and other attempts to remember stored information may be more demanding for numerous reasons.


What is Memory card?

  Memory Card

Memorycard is a part and parcel of a cell phone. Now a days we can not imagine a mobile phone without a memorycard. Because we can not store anything without memorycard as song, movies etc. but many of us doesn’t know what is memorycard?

Memorycard is an electronic flash storage disk which is used in electronic devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, and other small portable devices. Memorycards are read by USB card reader.


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