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Mobile Network

Mobile Network

by Md. Shofiqul Islam22/08/2015

What is a Network?

A network or mobile network consists of two or a lot of computers that are joined so as to share resources, exchange files, or enable electronic communications. A computer network is a communications network that permits computers to exchange information. The computers on a network could also be joined through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared emission beams.


Mobile Network



mobile network
A cellular network or mobile network is a communications network wherever the last link is wireless. The network is distributed over land areas known as cells, every served by a minimum of one fixed-location transceiver, referred to as a cell website or base station. During a cellular or mobile network, every cell uses a unique set of frequencies from neighboring cells, to avoid interference and supply bonded information measure inside every cell.
When joined along these cells give radio coverage over a large geographic region. This permits an outsized variety of moveable transceivers (e.g., mobile phones, pagers, etc.) to speak with one another and with mounted transceivers and telephones anyplace within the network, via base stations, although a number of the transceivers are moving through quite one cell throughout transmission

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