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Modem, How to use modem? & How Does Modem Work?

Modem, How to use modem? & How Does Modem Work?

by Md. Shofiqul Islam06/11/2015

What is Modem?

A Modem generally modulates digital outgoing signals from a computer or other digital device to analogue signals for network communication. It turns analog signal to digital signal and digital to analogue signal.

This is actually very important for computer or other device’s communication. It was called Data phone in past. Modem became most common and popular for home users when Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington released the new 80-103A Modem in 1977. They developed it much. Actually Modems are referred to as an asynchronous device which means the device transmits data in an intermittent stream of small packets. It makes pc or other devices compatible for accessing internet. Without ModemInternet browsing is Impossible.

How to use modem?


Modem can be used for many purposes. It is generally used for internet connection. There are many types of Modemsuch as USBModem, Digital Modem and PortableModem etc. Moreover some devices have a built inModem. Now Laptop and GSM supported Mobile phone have a built in function using as aModem. Modem is used for internet data connection. Sometimes it makes the connection better.


How Does Modem Work?


If you want to connect your computer to an Internet Service Provider using a phone line, the computer at your end needs amodem to modulate its digital signals so they can travel down the phone line just like the sound of your voice at the same time. When the signals have reached the other end, they have to pass through a secondmodem, which demodulates them instantly so the ISP computer can understand them easily. it sends its signals through a modulator back down the line to you. After that a demodulator at your end turns the signals back into digital form that your computer can understand the signals. A modemusually contains two different kinds of translators. They are a modulator and a demodulator.

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