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What is WIFI and How does it work?

What is WIFI and How does it work?

by Md. Shofiqul Islam03/09/2015

Every day we use wifi but many of us doesn’t know details about wifi as – what is wifi, how does wifi work, where it is used and etc. So Here I shall try to discus about this matter so read attentively. 

WiFi has a lot of advantages. Wireless networks area unit simple to line up and cheap. they are additionally unobtrusive — unless you are on the lookout for an area to look at streaming movies on your pill, you will not even notice once you are in a very hot spot. during this article, we’ll explore the technology that permits info to travel over the air. We’ll additionally review what it takes to form a wireless network in your home.

What is wifi/ Definition of wifi:


The term Wi-Fi was created the Wi-Fi Alliance as a play on “Hi-Fi,” associate abbreviation for “high fidelity,” that brought up high-quality audio replica. Similarly, Wi-Fi is usually thought to be short for WiFi. However, in step with the Wi-Fi Alliance, “Wi-Fi” isn’t associate abbreviation. The confusion might stem from the actual fact that the Alliance in short used “The customary for wireless fidelity” as a expression for Wi-Fi.

“Wi-Fi” is a kind of wireless networking protocol that permits devices to speak while not cords or cables. Wi-Fi technology is technically associate business term that represents a kind of wireless native space network (LAN) protocol supported the 802.11 IEEE network customary. it is the preferred suggests that of act information wirelessly, inside a set location, today.

“Wi-Fi” could be a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance, a global association of companies involved attached wireless LAN technologies and products. Wi-fi is usually mistaken as associate acronymn for “wireless fidelity” and infrequently you will additionally see it spelled while not the hyphen (wifi).

In a word – Wi-Fi could be a wireless local area network (Wireless native space Network) technology. It provides short-range wireless high-speed information connections between mobile information devices (such as laptops, PDAs or phones) and near Wi-Fi access points (special hardware connected to a wired network).

The older variant of Wi-Fi, 802.11g, is capable of providing speeds of up to 54Mbps and is backwards compatible with 802.11b (providing up to 11Mbps).


How will Wi-Fi work?

Like mobile phones or cell phone, a Wi-Fi network makes use of radio waves to transmit info across a network. the pc should include a wireless adapter which will translate information sent into a radio emission. This same signal are transmitted, via associate antenna, to a decoder called the router. Once decoded, the info are sent to the web through a wired LAN affiliation. because the wireless network can work as a two-way traffic, the info received from the web also will tolerate the router to be coded into a radio emission which will be receipted by the computer’s wireless adapter.
The newer customary is termed 802.11n (offering speeds of up to 150Mbps per channel or up to 600Mbps in total). It is employed in the two.4 GHz or five GHz frequency bands, although a receiver has to have dual-band antenna to work on each.

2013 saw the birth of the most recent (so far) Wi-Fi ac customary. It permits for speeds of up to five hundred Mbps per channel and over 1Gbps in total. Wi-Fi 802.11ac operates solely on the 5GHz band.

Wi-Fi is far quicker than any information technologies operational through the cellular network like GPRS, EDGE and even UMTS and HSDPA.

The vary lined by a Wi-Fi access purpose is from thirty to one hundred meters inside whereas outdoors one access purpose will cowl regarding 650 meters.


Where wifi is used?

Wireless technology has wide unfold latterly and you’ll be able to get connected virtually anywhere; reception, at work, in libraries, schools, airports, hotels and even in some restaurants.
Wi-Fi is wide employed in businesses, agencies, schools, and houses as another to a wired LAN. several airports, hotels, and fast-food facilities provide public access to Wi-Fi networks. These locations area unit called hot spots. several charge a daily or hourly rate for access, however some area unit free. associate interconnected space of hot spots and network access points is understood as a hot zone.

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